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for Women, by Women

Rundown Sk8 is a celebration of all things on wheels. What’s not to love about the freedom of carving up the streets, whether that’s on a board or in boots. Life’s about finding limitations and giving them the finger – skate to heart’s content for miles on the trails, down the fastest hill, on the track, or with your team. Find your inspiration, women, because Rundown Sk8 is here to bring skating back to its roots, without inhibition.

Crush your goals on wheels, because Rundown Sk8 is here for women, by women.

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We aggregate news from around the web. Our interests align with those of all women, putting a focus on the extremely diverse and wonderful lives we lead, unhindered by stereotypes or negative tropes. Our posts only highlight the many places around the ‘net qualified to bring you amazing content, and we always encourage further reading!

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